Hebei Tianyi Toys Co., Ltd

Manager Huo 199-3322-5593
Manager Yin  199-3322-5638
Company profile Hebei Tianyi Toys Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, is mainly engaged in the production and sales of children's toys, children's electric toys, walkers, rocking cars, children's tricycles, baby strollers, bicycles, mountain bikes, electric bicycles, children's safety seats, cribs, scooters, portable baby carriages, folding baby carriages, scooters and accessories. Hebei Tianyi Toys Co., Ltd. absorbs advanced ideas and creates more fashionable and international products. In the face of economic globalization, Hebei Tianyi Toys Co., Ltd. vigorously implements the famous brand strategy, sets up a joint-stock company, starts the listing work, and is determined to build the enterprise into an "aircraft carrier" of children's clothing industry, striving for the goal of creating a world-famous children's brand
Manager Huo: 199-3322-5593 Manager Yin :199-3322-5638

Company address: east side of East Ring Road, Fengzhou Industrial Park, Pingxiang County

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